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Earn MONEY for your organization with our special “FUN”raisers!


Start selling something NEW, something the kids will finally be excited to sell and Mom and Dad won’t have to do all the work!

We provide samples for YOU so kids and parents can preview the FUN-raiser kit. Each kit will contain: one unstuffed plush animal, stuffing, wish heart, birth certificate, t-shirt and easy to follow simple stuffing instructions. 


Themed “FUN”raisers include:


Farm- Pig, Cow, Duck, Horse, Lamb, Bunny


Zoo- Elephant, Tiger, Monkey, Lion, Giraffe, Zebra


Dogs- Black lab, Bulldog, Husky, Dalmatian, Pug, Yellow Lab


Outdoors- Moose, Raccoon, Fox, Black Bear, Eagle, Rabbit


Or you can create your own! The possibilities are endless!


How It Works:


          Your organization chooses five animals and the sell dates. Typically two weeks is a great time frame for selling. Kids sell to                 friends and family. Custom LOGO t-shirts are also available.


           All orders are placed online. You will receive a flyer with easy-to-follow instructions how to place your order online.


           Once the selling time frame is complete, we process the orders.


           We deliver the orders to your organization in approximately two to three weeks.


           The orders are pre-sorted by classroom with the child’s name on each order for an easy take home process.


       Your school or organization will make a 20% profit on total amount of sales.

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