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Peppermint Unicorn

Peppermint Unicorn

SKU: CF2728


A unicorn with a heart this big - what's not to love? Peppermint is 16” her white smooth coat is accented with fluffy red mane and tail; her feet and horn have cute red and white stripes just like peppermint candy. You will fall in love not only with the giant red heart on her chest but her super big loving blue sparkly embroidered eyes. Don’t look now but on her back side is an embroidered star that always reminds you to smile!


Kit includes Peppermint, fluff, wish heart, birth certificate and a Stuff-n-Luv backpack to carry her.

Happy stuffing!!

No sewing required.

Peppermint has a one-way secure zip tie pouch and velcro closure.

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