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Easter Basket

Easter Basket


Choose a 16" animal of your choice! Your Easter Basket will include fluff to stuff your new friend, wishing heart, birth certificate, instructions to hand stuff your animal (no sewing required) and a Stuff-n-Luv backpack.

In addition there will be SIX colorful plastic easter eggs for filling with the fluff or candy for hiding and a white t shirt.

Once your child makes their new friend, it's time to decorate the t-shirt any way you want! You can use fabric markers, stickers, or paint. Get creative! Once your child is finished, post a picture to the Stuff-n-Luv Facebook page. Be sure to also LIKE and SHARE the page and you will be entered into a drawing for a wardrobe for your new plush friend valued at 50.00+!!!!

BONUS - all kits will get a free pair of bunny slippers!!


*Please remember to add a note on checkout for your choice of animal. Thank you! 

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