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Stardust the Pegacorn

Stardust the Pegacorn

SKU: TBF60870

Stardust is the most colorful of the Pegacorn sisters. Her  soft colorful pink and purple fur with stars sprinkled all over. She loves to help you create magical moments all day and night long. Stardust is 16" her horn, wings and hoofs are pretty sparkly silver. She has a beauitful white mane and tail with strands of long silver accents. Her embroidered blue eyes are just magical. 


Kit includes a Stardust , fluff, wish heart, birth certificate and a Stuff-n-Luv backpack to carry her in.

NO sewing required.

Stardust has a one-way zip tie on her pouch and velcro closure.

Happy Stuffing!!

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